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NYS Defensive Driving Course

You can get 10% off your car insurance policy by taking Improv's Defensive Driving course. In only 5.5 hours you could save a bunch of money. Sign up today!

Why take this NYS defensive driving course?

Save Time

The defensive driving course provided by the Improv meets the New York time requirement of 6 hours, while offering a total course time of 5 ½ hours, including 30 minutes allocated for breaks.


The defensive driving course can save participants' progress as they go, allowing them to complete it at their own pace. You have the flexibility to log in and out without the risk of losing your progress.

Save Money

This course qualifies for New York State-mandated discount of 10% from your insurance policy for three years. Improv's website claims "Many of our students averaged anywhere from $900-$1500 over the course of three years."

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