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  • Eric Nabozny

Do I have quality home insurance?

Home insurance can be confusing for the average homeowner. You want to make sure you are not overpaying, but you also must protect your home and all your valuables. The most important limit on your insurance policy is the coverage A(dwelling) portion. If your house has a total loss i.e. fire, it will pay up to this limit to get your house rebuilt. This number must be high enough to fully replace your home and not the "market value" here is more info on replacement cost. Many home in upstate NY have a wide discrepancy between market value and replacement cost. For example a home in Philmont is purchased for $125,000 but has a replacement cost of $250,000.

Your liability limit is also extremely important, it protects your financial assets and is at a fairly low cost. We can help you determine a proper limit for your liability.

There are also a few other coverage's that are affordable and offer plenty of value. These include 125% replacement cost protection, water back-up, and replacement cost on contents.

Our customers feel secure that we have offered them great protection at the lowest price possible.

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