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  • Eric Nabozny

What is Supplemental Spousal Liability?

This is probably something you have always wondered..... I had this question recently and figured it was a good time to talk about it here. Supplemental Spousal Liability Insurance (SSLI) is a very unique insurance coverage in New York. An example of this coverage would be the following, which I hope never happens. I am driving in the car with my wife and figuring out the GPS on my phone. I cause an accident and I am proved to be at-fault. My wife has substantial injuries and is very damaged. PIP would pay out for medical coverage but because her husband (I) was at fault she can't sue another party for pain and suffering like she could if I was not-at-fault. This allows spouses to collect damages from pain and suffering from their husband or wife. It comes out of the limit of bodily injury. In true laymen's terms, it is allowing spouses to sue each in the event of accident when the passenger spouse is injured and the driving spouse is negligent.

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